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UNIQMAN Branched Chain Amino Acids Veg Description & FAQ

Muscle Recovery

UNIQMAN Branched Chain Amino Acids Veg Description

Challenge your limits!

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) refers to three amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.

These essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body and thus must be supplied by diet.

BCAAs are of a special importance to athletes and bodybuilders.

BCAAs are easily absorbed and can increase protein and muscle synthesis.

They can also reduce muscle fatigue after exercise, accelerate recovery, enhance exercise performance, and improve strength development.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, HPMC, Magnesium Stearate , Carrageenan, Titanium dioxide, Potassium Chloride



Take 2 capsules twice a day on an empty stomach.

For better result, use in conjunction with exercise program.


                                                                                                                                                     ID : N0002


UNIQMAN Branched Chain Amino Acids Veg FAQ


BCAA branched chain amino acid, can directly enter the human body, easy to be absorbed and used, is an excellent choice for protein supplement. It can timely supplement the body needs nutrients, combined with exercise can enhance physical strength, help not tired, maintain the endurance of exercise, promote health and strong.


How to eat?

Twice a day and two capsules at each time on an empty stomach. We suggest you to consume two capsules both before and after exercise. Do not consume more than 6 capsules a day.


What time do I eat?

[Before exercise] is for increased muscular endurance during exercise!

[After exercise] reduces muscle discomfort after exercise and helps replenish energy!



Normally no, but if you have any rare disease, please consult your doctor first.


How old can you eat?

We suggest for those who are above 12 to consume it.


Can vegetarians eat it?



What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredints of each capsule are: l-albuminic acid 400 mg, l-isoalbuminic acid 200 mg, l-alpha aminoisoprenoic acid 200 mg.


What is BCAA?

BCAA is made up of Leucine, lsoleucine, and Valine, these three amino belong to essential amino acid. Because these three kinds of amino acid cannot be synthesized by the human body, our body can only take it by additional intake. In a high strength of resistance training, it can cause muscle damage, fatigue and muscle protein loss problem, these amino acid supplements is using artificial way to quickly fill the loss, and make rapid repairing muscle injury.


Can I open the capsule and eat it? Will it taste?

Yes, BCAA doesn't smell but the powder is a bit bitter.


Exercise twice a day, supplement two capsules before and after each exercise, 8 capsules a day, will this be excessive?

BCAA's maximum intake is 4g per day. One capsule of this product contains 700mg. For the two sports with high intensity, two capsule s before and after the exercise and one capsule before and after the other.


If it is a long-term extreme sports, how to use BCAA?


2 BCAA (improve muscle endurance) before departure

1 arginine after 3 hours (promotes aerobic circulation)

2 BCAA (improving muscle endurance) after 3 hours

1 arginine after 3 hours (promotes aerobic circulation)

And so on, it is recommended to eat 2 more BCAA after the end.


Features? Advantage?

BCAA is 800 mg or capsule.

Leucine: iso-leucine: Valine =2:1:1

The price is comparable to the market price.