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UNIQMAN Men's Multivitamin Tablets Description & FAQ


Overall Nutrition


One tablet to fulfil man's daily nutritional needs


1. German high-quality 13 types of vitamins, measured accurately to fulfill man's needs.


2. 95% Pure piperine to enhance absorption and promote nutrient utilization.


3. 15mg of Zinc, crucial mineral for man


4. Irish Seaweed Derived Mineral, with double patents from Europe and the U.S. , rich in calcium and 72 trace elements.


Main Ingredients(per serving):

Vitamin A 2648.9IU

Vitamin B1 1.5mg

Vitamin B2 1.7mg

Vitamin B6 1.6mg

Vitamin B12 2.7mcg

Vitamin C 113.6mg

Vitamin D 227.3IU

Vitamin E 20.3IU

Vitamin K1 102.3mcg

Niacin 19.3mg

Pantothenic acid 5.7mg

D-Biotin 34.1mcg

Folate 454.5mcg

Zinc 15mg

Selenium 50mcg

Calcium 48mg

Magnesium 3.3mg

Chromium 50mcg



Take 1 tablet daily after a meal. Do NOT take more than 1 tablet per day.


Effect after taking supplementation?

Specifically formulated to balance man's daily nutrient needs, with Zinc added to enhance fertility. 


How to consume?

Take 1 tablet daily after a meal. Do NOT take more than 1 tablet per day.



Contains soy and its component. NOT suitable for soy allergy sufferers.


Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Due to specific nutrients needed by pregnant women, it is recommended for them to take BHK's MaMa Multi-Vitamin Tablets that is specifically formulated to fulfill pregnancy needs → bit.ly/3mneVDk


At what age can I start supplementation? 

12 and above.


Is it vegan-friendly? 



What are the main ingredients?

Each tablet contains: German Multivitamins, Seaweed Derived Minerals, Black Pepper Extract, Zinc Bisglycinate