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UNIQMAN  Men's Intimate Mousse Description & FAQ

Intimate Wash

UNIQMAN  Men's Intimate Mousse Description 

【Introduction to UW Men's Intimate Mousse】


Are your private parts cleaned?

Because men's foreskin is too long, it is easy to hide dirt or dirt, or wear too hot under the wear, it is easy to produce odor, easy to breed bad bacteria,

If you don't do private cleaning, it may cause discomfort in private parts.


""Private Formula Made for Men-Natural Plant Extract X Complex Factor""

Using plant extracts such as calendula, chamomile and mint, with multi-functional cleansing factors, it can be cleaned gently, and experiments have shown that it can effectively inhibit bacteria!


Specially used French counter-grade fragrance, can long-lasting taste suppression, maintain privacy and comfort.


Recommended timing:

1. Daily bath maintenance

2. Clean before and after intimacy

3. Clean after exercise


Main Ingredients(Per serving) :

Calendula extract, chamomile extract, green tea extract, herbal mint



For external use only. Pump cleansing mousse one to two times to palm of hand, clean the external intimate area and rinse with water.


ID : NSC001


UNIQMAN  Men's Intimate Mousse FAQ


Inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, prevent the generation of odors, and add a special fragrance to extend the body fragrance.


How to use?

Take an appropriate amount of bubbles on your clean hands, wash your private areas and rinse with clean water.



If there is any discomfort in the skin after use, please stop using it and ask the doctor, please keep it out of the reach of young children to avoid ingestion.


How old can you eat?

Generally, there should be no age limit, but it is not recommended for babies to use, because our pH is very close to the skin pH, so it is relatively mild.


What are the main ingredients?

Calendula extract, chamomile extract, green tea extract, herbal mint.