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UNIQMAN  L-Carnitine Description & FAQ

Fat Burning

UNIQMAN  L-Carnitine Description

L-Carnitine is a metabolism booster which helps manage your fat!


Mostly humans obtain small amount of it from the diet by eating meat, fish, dairy products, wheat, avocado, etc. Although the human body can synthesize carnitine, most individuals cannot produce enough, which is why we need this supplement to get a better metabolism.


.L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative and nutrient involved in fatty acid metabolism in mammals. It plays an essential role in human metabolism.

.Lysine and Methionine are essential amino acids used by our body as helping growth and maintenance of health. In particular, they are needed for our body to produce carnitine.

.Coenzyme Q10 not only plays an essential role in cellular energy production, but helps to boost and speed up your metabolism.

.Vitamin B Complex is good for energy metabolism, and helps boost our immune system, heart health and soothe skin disorders.


L-Carnitine has gained a reputation for promoting fat burning without causing muscle wasting, making it ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, DL-Methionine, Coenzyme Q10, Nicotinamide, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride



Take 1-2 capsules daily after meal. Each time 1 capsule.

For better result, use in conjunction with exercise program.


 ID : N0010


UNIQMAN  L-Carnitine FAQ


L-carnitine is an amino acid that is responsible for energy conversion and metabolism improvement in the body.

Due to the fast energy consumption during exercise, adequate intake of l-carnitine can make the fat disappear more quickly ~

The intake of L-carnitine in general diet is often insufficient, so it is easier to cause fat hoarding. If you don't exercise, you take 250 mg for a day to meet the general need.


How to eat?

Twice a day and one capsule at each time after meal. Do not consume more than two capsules a day.


What time do I eat?

No exercise on the day: choose two meals and consume one capsule after each meal.

Exercise for the day: two capsules 30 minutes before exercise.


If exercise before meals, we suggest you to consume it half an hour before exercise, and do more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, or we suggest to take it after meals.



It is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women. Please consult your doctor before taking it if you have liver or kidney problems.

It is recommended to take at different meal times with hovenia enzymes.


How old can you eat?

We suggest for those who are above 12 years old to consume it.


Can vegetarians eat it?



What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each are: L flesh acid 250 milligram, from amine acid 10 milligram, armour thiamine acid 10 milligram, coenzyme Q10 5 milligram, vitamin B3 5 milligram, vitamin B1 1 milligram, vitamin B6 1 milligram.


Which country does the raw material of carnitine come from?

The origin of carnitine is China's high quality source. It has obtained the nutrition additive approval from Taiwan health and welfare department. The purity is very high.


How long is it valid?

If you do not exercise, it is recommended to continue consumption for a long time. If you have exercise habit (more than 3 times a week), you will have a significant feeling of body line and body fat loss after about 1-2 weeks.


What is the purity of carnitine?

Our carnitine purity is more than 99.9% of high purity carnitine levorotatory, the content is 250 mg or capsule, this is the clinical effective use.


Can I open the capsule and eat it? Will it taste?

Yes, since it contains vitamin B, so there is some taste.


Can I eat carnitine without a meal?

Carnitine itself won't affect absorption because of food, just because the intestines and stomach of some people is more sensitive, so we suggest to consume it after meal so that it is less likely to cause discomfort of stomach.


Which kind of exercise is good for weight training and aerobic exercise?

Combine with aerobic exercise to promote fat dairies.

Weight training is a high-intensity exercise, carnitine consumption will also be effective.

It is also recommended to take BCAA branched amino acid to enhance muscle endurance and maintain exercise endurance.


What are aerobic exercises?

Low-intensity, long-term exercise is basically aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, long-distance slow swimming, cycling, dancing and so on.


Will my body get hot or sweat after eating?

Some people intestines and stomach are more sensitive, abdomen can have a little hot and it is also normal. carnitine will use up excess fat and increase the metabolic rate through heat production. Please feel at ease to eat it.


Will breaking this quickly increase your weight?

After general disuse, we suggest must exercise and have good rest to maintain body metabolic rate.


The efficacy of auxiliary ingredients?

Q10 has been shown to help fat metabolism, increase combustion, and enhance cell vitality.

Amino acid and vitamin B can produce L carnitine in the body.