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UNIQMAN Turmeric Curcumin Description & FAQ

Liver Health

UNIQMAN  Turmeric Curcumin Description

Introduction of Turmeric Curcumin


Always make some mistake in life?Unable to concentrate? Unable to balance family and career?

That's because you need to regularly protect your liver and nourish your vitality.


1. Turmeric Curcumin

Extracted from turmeric, which is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 6000 years.

It can increase physical strength, boost metabolism and adjust body constitution.


2. Piperine

Extracted from black pepper. Clinical trials have shown to enhance nutrient absorption.


Golden formula:

Curcumin + Liver Extract + Methionine +Vitamin B Complex → Remove fatigue, Better performance


Strongly recommended by customers

1. Always overtime

2. Busy entertainment with client

3. Unbalanced diet

4. Tiring job


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Turmeric Root Extract, Desiccated Liver, DL-Methionine, Black Pepper Extract



Take 1 capsule daily after meal.

For better result, take twice per day.

Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.


ID : N0008


UNIQMAN  Turmeric Curcumin FAQ


Curcumin is a plant-based liver protection food that helps to reduce fatigue and reduce the damage caused by alcohol to the liver and the burden of fat metabolism, and thus helping to maintain the health of the liver.

It is especially recommended for those who often stay up late, are busy working, or are overweight in their studies.


How to eat?

One capsule a day after meal. If you want to strengthen the effect, you can consume twice a day. Do not consume more than two capsules a day.


What time do I eat?

It is suggested that you consume it after a fixed meal. If you want to strengthen the effect, it is suggested that you take 1 capsule after breakfast and dinner.



For those who have liver and kidney failure, special diseases please ask the doctor first.

It is recommended to take it at different meal times with hovenia enzymes.


How old can you eat?

We suggest for those who are above 12 to take it.


Can vegetarians eat it?

This product is cowhide capsule, so it is not recommended for vegetarians.


What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients of each capsules are: curcumin 300 mg, liver essence 100 mg, methiamine acid 50 mg, patent piperine 5 mg.


Does 300 mg mean turmeric powder or curcumin?

Add 300 mg of turmeric powder, containing more than 95% curcumin.


What is liver essence?

Liver essence is pig liver powder, rich in animal amino acid and vitamin B, high body utilization, and help to promote metabolism.


Piperine effect?

Patented Black Pepper Extract, which works with curcumin to increase bioavailability.


Can turmeric repair liver cells?

Turmeric can help prevent fatty liver production and anti-inflammatory effects. Long-term consumption can promote healthy liver cell regeneration.


If you have fatty liver, can you eat turmeric and liver extract?

Yes, it can help to improve fatty liver.